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How To Disable The McAfee Access Protection?

Disable McAfee Access Protection – McAfee provides many features in its app along with the Antivirus and Antimalware. And sometimes, we wish to not use one or many of these features. Therefore, McAfee also allows the user to modify and make changes to the software performance and give access to few files. This could be achieved by disabling the McAfee Access Protection.

The McAfee Access Protection feature prevents unwanted changes to your computer by restricting access to specified ports, files & folders, shares, and registry key values. It also protects McAfee processes and services by preventing users from modifying or stopping them. There are times when you may be required to temporarily disable Access Protection to perform troubleshooting or implement workarounds provided by McAfee support.

Disable McAfee Access Protection

Disable McAfee Access Protection Manually

Note: This feature will automatically enable during the renew the McAfee subscription.

If you wish to access or make changes to some files or software, then follow these steps to disable the McAfee Access protection.

  • Open the McAfee software on your PC.
  • Go to the McAfee VirusScan Console.
  • Right-click on the Access Protection and select the disable option.
  • And leave the console open on your device.

Now you can make changes to the system that are restricted while the McAfee Access Protection was enabled. After you are done with your changed, enable it again.

  • Open the McAfee software on your PC.
  • Go to the McAfee VirusScan Console.
  • Right-click on the Access Protection and select the enable option.
  • Close the McAfee VirusScan console.

This feature may make changes to your McAfee software and your subscription may not work properly. Follow this instruction at your own risk.

Why is  McAfee Access Protection is Important?

Now you know about the process of disabling and enabling the McAfee Access Protection. Let’s discuss how it helps you protect your device and why this features should be handled with care.

  • Firstly, it prevents the user from making changes to the McAfee software.
  • It also stops the user from stopping an important protective shield.
  • This changes could lead to malfunction of McAfee software.
  • By making these changes, your device may not be as protected against the threat as it is supposed to be.

So, it is recommended to change the setting back to Enables McAfee Access Protection. As it is important for the health and functioning of your device.

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