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McAfee Expanded its Cloud Security Platform to the Microsoft Azure

McAfee Expanded Cloud Security Platform Microsoft Azure: McAfee is well known for its extensive security tools available in the market in order to protect your devices from the threats and viruses etc. The McAfee has designed several products including Antiviruses and scanning tools, which helps to enhance the system’s performance and efficiency. McAfee is a cybersecurity firm which acquired the cloud specialists company i.e. Skyhigh Networks, to provide the security over the cloud.

McAfee Expanded Cloud Security Platform Microsoft Azure

McAfee Expanded Cloud Security Platform Microsoft Azure

By acquiring the Skyhigh networks, McAfee will now offer the users or enterprises visibility into the cloud, Threat prevention, and Data protection as well. After acquiring the Skyhigh Networks, McAfee has now announced to expand its cloud Security platform to the Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure delivers the complete solution services to secure Software-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service and others. McAfee is going to enhance its cloud security by protecting the Microsoft Azure same as Skyhigh services.

In order to offer the world’s best security solution to its users, McAfee encloses McAfee Skyhigh Security Cloud, McAfee Virtual Network Security Platform, and several others. Microsoft Azure is a Microsoft service which is based on the Cloud Computing. The Microsoft Azure also helps to manage the applications or services and deploy builds, on the global network. In order to offer the best cybersecurity to its users, McAfee has already acquired the Skyhigh Networks which is based on the cloud access security broker i.e. CASB.

What are CASB and McAfee Cloud Workload security:

The CASB will be going to protect the data centers of the Microsoft Azure and also match up the security requirements of the organizations. These organizations are the one, which has been using the Microsoft Azure’s services. McAfee Cloud Workload security is one of the joint solutions of McAfee. The McAfee Cloud Workload security protects the workload running on the virtual machine.

Unlike Others, McAfee Virtual network Security platform specifically developed for the Microsoft Azure users. McAfee Virtual Network Security platform detects and blocks the threats in a virtualized environment to keep your information safe.

3 Benefits Of the McAfee’s Expansion of its Cloud Security platform to the Microsoft Azure:

  1. Organisations can remove the malware from the traffic within or be going to Microsoft Azure Environment.
  2. You can detect and block the unauthorized or sensitive information to be stored in the Azure storage services like Blob storage.
  3. The organizations can use Machine learnings and data science in order to find insider threats and corrupt accounts.

There are several other benefits to an organization can capture the entire audit trail of user and administrator activities. It will speed up the post-incident forensic investigations and monitors the spread of advanced threats.

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